Your Content Platform for Global Team Collaboration

Contelize is a git-based content management platform on a global scale

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Contelize is the hub for your content's entire life cycle

  • 1Create & Review
  • 2Localize
  • 3Publish

Create & ReviewCollaborative content editing done right

Screen editor
  • Intuitive editor

    No need to learn anything extra. With the WYSIWYG Markdown editor, you can focus on writing content.

  • Easy collaboration

    Leave comments and suggestions on phrases or words in real-time to improve content together with your team.

LocalizeLocalize your content continuously

Screen localize
  • Translation memory

    Effortlessly track changes to the source content and localize them continuously with our diff management and translation memory.

  • Translation service integrations

    Streamline your work with machine translation engines or utilize professional translators through our vendor integrations.

PublishAPI-based multi-publishing

Screen publish
  • High-perfomance static website

    No need to have a web server. A responsive website is continuously built and deployed to CDN so it is delivered to users amazingly fast.

  • Auto typesetting

    Your contents managed on Contelize are converted into beautiful printing documents with CSS and HTML.

Git-based content editing for everyone

Git logo

Why git?

  • Version control
  • Changelogs
  • Open source technology

Best suited for

  • Documentation & manuals
  • Knowledge base
  • Internal docs

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